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Smooty 2.0 white smiley S

The Smooty 2.0 is the ideal helmet for all toddlers who still go on bike rides in a child seat.

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A helmet is essential, even for little ones riding in a child seat. The Smooty 2.0 is therefore especially aimed at the youngest road users.

The Smooty 2.0 is a helmet specially designed for toddlers who still take their bike tours as co-drivers in a child seat. Because safety on the road is most important for youngest cyclists.
Its ergonomics are specially adapted to this special situation. The Smooty 2.0 has a flat back that allows your child to sit straight and comfortably in the child seat. This is not only more comfortable on long tours, the upright sitting position also protects the neck and spine and is considered particularly safe.
Smooty 2.0


  • Good visibility thanks to highly luminescent reflector
  • Foamed-in fly nets
  • Size adjustment with a full ring made from especially hard-wearing and mouldable plastic for optimum stability and form fitting
  • Gute Ventilation durch durch 2 Luftein- und 12 Luftauslässe
  • Zoom Evo Kids – precise adjustment system


General downloads:

color of facets: red, yellow, white
Size: S
backlight: No
Visor: No
design color: white smiley
Head size: 45-50 cm
Peak: No
Weight [g]: 200 g
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