Youn-I 2.0 black violet side view Youn-I 2.0 black violet back view Youn-I 2.0 black violet top view Youn-I 2.0 black violet front view

Youn-I 2.0 black violet M

The Youn-I 2.0 bike helmet offers the ideal combination of the best possible protection with maximum comfort for the young generation of cyclists

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A modern and safe bike helmet that appeals to two generations at once. The Youn-I 2.0 model has enabled ABUS to bridge the gap between helmets for adults and helmets for young people.

Adults are role models for children and should therefore also wear a bike helmet. This could prevent many of the serious brain injuries caused by cycling accidents. However, women with smaller heads often cannot find a helmet that fits them properly. With a simple but modern look, this bike helmet meets the needs of both young cyclists as well as many women with smaller heads. The Youn-I 2.0 boasts a simple, urban and fashionable look that appeals to both generations.
Application example Youn-I 2.0 velvet black Application example - Youn-I 2.0 grey star Application example - Youn-I 2.0 grey star


  • In-Mold for a durable connection of the outer shell with shock-absorbing helmet material (EPS)
  • Visor-like front edge ensuring enhanced protection for the face
  • Deep temple and neck area for increased all-round protection
  • Large integrated rear LED light in a high position with 180° visibility
  • Zoom Ace Evo – precise adjustment system with an easy-to-grip adjustment wheel
  • Size adjustment with a full ring made from hard-wearing and mouldable plastic for optimum stability and form fitting
  • Excellent ventilation with 8 air inlets and 9 air outlets that are connected by flow channels
  • Foamed-in fly net
  • Passive safety thanks to reflectors


  • This helmet was specially developed for children and their specific requirements
  • Rain cap available as an accessory
  • There is a color-matching chain lock Catena 6806 Color for the colors gray star, blue mask, gray lightning and cherry heart.
color of facets: violet
Size: M
backlight: Yes
Visor: No
design color: black violet
Head size: 52-57 cm
Peak: No
Weight [g]: 260 g
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