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GameChanger Tri

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With a shape and features specifically designed to meet the needs of triathletes and hilly time trials, the GameChanger TRI complements the ABUS road product range.

The shorter comb-tail compensates for greater head movement after long hours of suffering on the bike or on inclines. Greater airflow keeps the rider cool on exposed routes without shade and on slower climbs. The aerodynamics are consistent with the included visor or sunglasses. Even the FlowStraps webbing is adapted to fit as tightly as possible, not fluttering and reducing drag. Because a quick change can be crucial in triathlons, the GameChanger Tri is equipped with a magnetic fastener. It closes with just one hand in no time at all. So nothing stands in the way of accomplishing your best result.
  • Made in Italy


  • Multi-Shell In-Mould for a permanent bond between the outer shell and the shock-absorbing helmet material (EPS)
  • Height-adjustable Zoom Ace fit system with ponytail compatibility for riders with longer hair
  • Forced Air Cooling Technology combines front and rear vents with deep channels for excellent ventilation.
  • Multi-position design for minimal drag in all rider positions
  • Magnetic fixed visor with anti-fog coating
  • ActiCage: Reinforcement of the helmet structure, which is integrated into the EPS hard foam of a helmet. The cage architecture creates space for large vents.
  • Fidlock magnetic strap buckle
  • AirPort: Aerodynamic glasses holder with strap guide
  • FlowStraps: aerodynamic, flutter-free and skin-friendly webbing
  • Made in Italy


color of facets: black, violet
Size: M
backlight: No
Visor: Yes
design color: flip flop purple
Head size: 52-58 cm
Peak: No
Weight [g]: 320 g
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