More about BACK-TO-ME

The BACK-TO-ME service is like a virtual lost property office. The key fob is attached to your keyring, and shows the ABUS logo on the front and a code, email adress and OR code on the back. Use this code to register for the service.


Now, if you lose your keys and an honest person finds them, they can use this or another website to report that they have found the registered key.

This is not an ABUS service

The provider, which maintains this system, GmbH Cassellastrasse 30-32, D-60386 Frankfurt am Main, Germany, then arranges the return of the key. The whole process can be carried out anonymously, anywhere in the world. 


The back-to-me key fob means that there is a chance your lost key will be returned.
Simply attach the fob, register free of charge and activate the personal CODE number. 

Or to make the process even quicker, scan the QR code on the rear side. 

Legal notice:

The contract is concluded with GmbH. ABUS is not liable for any compensation claims. Data security is very important to us, and therefore ABUS has no access to your data. The data security information and terms and conditions of GmbH shall apply. These are available on the CODE-No. com GmbH website a 



More security for your key in just a few steps

  • Use the code on the back of your fob and register your key or similar item
  • If your key/item is lost and an honest person finds it, then they can report the registered item on the website and you will get your key/registered item back.

This is where you need to go:

Report a Find

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