GRANIT™ Quick 37/60 Code Card Plus with key

GRANIT™ Quick 37/60HB70 Smoke black C/SB

Compact, secure and easy to handle: the GRANIT™ Quick 37/60 Brake Disc Lock from ABUS is the ideal guardian angel for your bike.

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The ABUS GRANIT™ Quick 37/60 is immediately accessible. That is owing to the SH 37 bracket for practical exterior mounting.

The 11mm padlock shackle is double locked in the lock body. The shackle, body and structural parts of the GRANIT™ Quick 37/60 locking mechanism are made of hardened special steel. Picking attempts have little chance of success, because the ABUS Plus cylinder is built specifically to defend against tampering.

The accessories of the ABUS GRANIT™ Quick 37/60 are excellent too: an LED torch key is practical for locking and unlocking in the dark. A memory clip reminds you to remove the GRANIT™ Quick 37/60 before you set off.

  • Made in Germany
Awards & partner
Awards & partner


  • 11 mm padlock shackle with shackle protection
  • Double-locking mechanism securing the shackle in the lock body
  • The shackle, shackle protection, body and structural parts of the locking mechanism are manufactured using specially hardened steel
  • ABUS Plus cylinder for exceptionally high levels of protection against manipulation attempts such as picking
  • Two keys are included in the scope of delivery
  • Manual cover to protect the keyhole from dirt and corrosion
  • ABUS Code Card for additional and replacement keys
  • A Memory Clip to prevent you from accidentally pulling away with the motorbike still locked is included


  • Great protection where there is a medium risk of theft
  • Recommended for attended car parks or short stays


  • You can order several one-key-fits-all locks. That means that a single key or mechanism can be used for several locks
  • To increase security during longer parking times, you should lock your motorbike to a fixed object with an additional lock
Tech Specs
design color: smoke black
Weight [g]: 1067 g
color of facets: black
Locking type: key
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