Steel-O-Chain™ 810 Neon Key

Steel-O-Chain™ 810/85 Neon orange

Show your colours with this ABUS bicycle lock. Do not leave anything to chance when securing your bike, and benefit from its ease of use.

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Colours for Steel-O-Chain™ 810 Neon

The Steel-O-Chain™ 810 NEON Chain Lock is particularly striking with its luminous paint.

Even an ABUS bicycle lock can reward courage to use bold colours. Everybody can see straight away that your bicycle is well secured. With its 8mm square chain, the Steel-O-Chain™ 810 NEON Chain Lock offers great protection against a medium risk of theft. Moreover, protection against drilling of the automatic cylinder and shock-resistant materials in the lock body contribute to the fact that the chain lock is difficult to crack, even under brutal attacks.
Awards & partner
ABUS seal for Ice Spray Test – Volmarstein, Germany
Abus Icespray Tested
ABUS seal for Ice Spray Test – Volmarstein, Germany

Awards & partner


  • Specially hardened 8 mm square chain with textile sleeve to protect against damage to the paintwork and chrome
  • Shock-resistant materials protect lock body from brutal attacks
  • Automatic cylinder with protection against drilling and user-friendly reversible key
  • Two keys are supplied in the scope of delivery

Holder and transportation

  • Easy to transport as the chain can be wrapped compactly around the seat post
  • For protected transportation, we recommend, for example, the frame bags ST 200 or ST 3250 (for lengths up to 110 cm)


  • Good protection at medium theft risk
  • Recommended for securing good bicycles
  • The longer the chain, the easier the bicycle can be locked to a fixed object


  • Very easy handling, because only one end of the chain has to be locked
Tech Specs
design color: orange
Weight [g]: 1700 g
color of facets: orange
Locking type: key
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