Chain Lock 585/100 grey

uGrip™ Chain 585/100 grey

With the Chain Lock uGrip™ Chain 585, securing your bike is easier and quicker than ever. The automatic cylinder means that the bike can be locked without using a key.

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The Chain Lock uGrip™ Chain 585 is the ideal choice when time is of the essence. The bike lock can be closed without using a key at all

This lock will save you a lot of time when you’re out and about. With the ABUS automatic cylinder, you won’t ever have to search for your key again in order to lock your bike. The ABUS Chain Lock uGrip™ Chain 585 is operated simply by opening the lock and pressing the locking bolt into the lock body. Job done.

The bike lock offers the ideal protection for use in areas with a low risk of theft.


  • 5 mm square chain with a modern design
  • Innovative, elastomer sleeve with soft-touch properties provides protection against damage to paintwork
  • The chain is made of special steel


  • Very easy to use, because only one end of the chain has to be locked
Tech Specs
EAN: 4003318584671
design color: grey
length: 100 cm
Security Level Bike: 5
Carrier: without bracket
diameter: 5 mm
Weight [g]: 750 g
Locking type: key

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