Coil Cable Lock 1950/120 colour 4 per colour

1950/120 color

The ABUS 1950 Coil Cable Lock is available in a range of colours and locks easily without a key.

All varieties for 1950
Colours for 1950


The Coil Cable Lock 1950 locks easily with a click. Without the hassle of looking for the key.

The 1950 Coil Cable Lock is a super flexible bike lock, which,

owing to its 7.5mm coil cable of variable length, can be locked around almost any suitable fixed object. The fact that you don't need a key to lock it makes securing your bike very fast. We particularly recommend it for securing a child's bike or a low-cost bike. That said, the Coil Cable Lock 1950 is well suited to protecting individual bike components or accessories.


  • 7.5 mm thick and super flexible spiral cable
  • Plastic coating to prevent damage to the bicycle’s paintwork


  • Coil cable locks offer a compact transport size and have an extremely multifunctional and practicable length
  • The lock is ideal as a second lock for securing components
  • This lock is also available in bright children's colours
Tech Specs
EAN: 4003318053849
design color: 4 per colour
length: 120 cm
Security Level Bike: 1
Carrier: without bracket
diameter: 7,5 mm
Weight [g]: 260 g
Locking type: key

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