NutFix M5 silver Axle 135


The NutFix™ Component Security Device from ABUS offers additional protection against theft for your wheels. Proven protection against picking.

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The NutFix™ Component Security Device provides optimal additional protection for your bicycle’s wheels, making it twice as hard for thieves.

Don’t rely solely on the outstanding quality of your bicycle lock attached to the frame for protecting your mid to high-value bicycle against theft. Many thieves also target individual bicycle parts, stealing wheels or saddles for example. The NutFix™ provides additional security for your wheels against possible theft.

  • Made in Germany
Application example - NutFix


  • Secure locking thanks to innovative gravitation technology
  • Proven technology for a high level of picking protection
  • Can be installed using a standard SW 15 open-end spanner
  • The anodised surfaces of the caps, available in a range of colours, provide long-term protection against corrosion
  • Nuts manufactured from high-quality stainless steel


  • Recommended for securing medium- to high-class bicycles


  • To prevent the NutFix™ Component Security Device from being opened, the bicycle must always be standing, attached to a fixed object, perhaps with an ABUS U-lock or BORDO™
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Tech Specs
design color: silver
Weight [g]: 80 g
color of facets: silver
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