Terxon LX 8-Zone Wired Extension Terxon LX 8-Zone Wired Extension Terxon AZ4230

Terxon LX 8-Zone Wired Extension


The Terxon LX 8-zone Wired Extension is an extension module for the Terxon LX. With this module you can extend your alarm system by 8 wired alarm zones. The 8 zones of the wired extension are connected to the motherboard of the Terxon LX via bus cables. You can connect up to 32 extension modules (wireless or wired) to your existing alarm control panel. The Terxon LX can thus be expanded to 264 zones. The additional alarm zones are freely programmable and monitored against tampering. The type of wiring – NC or DEOL – is left up to you, but it must be the same for all zones. You can address the zones of the extension module via jumper.

For safe and proper operation, this device must be installed and regularly maintained by a professional trained by us. Arrange regular maintenance appointments with your installer to ensure trouble-free operation in the long term with the latest security updates and new functions.

Terxon AZ4230

Product advantages

  • 5-wire bus connection
  • 2 transistor outputs
  • Enables individual identification of detectors (advisable in areas where safety and security are important)
  • Allows clustering in logical areas
  • Minimises cabling work


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Disposal & labelling of packaging
Connections: 5-wire bus
DC voltage supply: 12 V
Dimensions: (WxHxD) 128x183x35 mm
Height: 183 mm
Housing material: ABS
Length: 35 mm
Max. humidity: 96 %
Max. operating temperature: 55 °C
Min. operating temperature: -10 °C
Net weight: 0,31 kg
Number of wired zones: 8
Power consumption: 60 mA
Sabotage monitoring: 1
Switching outputs: 2 Transistor-outputs (1 positive/negative switching output each, 100mA)
Width: 128 mm
Zone closure: NC, DEOL (FSL)
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