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Types of locking systems A safe decision

A key system is a combination of several lock cylinders and keys.

Users can only open the doors to which they are authorised to access with their key. Key systems are available in various versions. The difference always lies in the access authorisation to the respective door cylinder.

A locking plan is assigned to each key system. The different construction types of the individual door cylinders and the corresponding keys are stored in this. Only authorised specialist dealers may change, add to and manage your locking plan. New keys may also only be added after approval.



Keyed alike cylinders

Different cylinders and cylinder types can be locked with one key . A heavy bunch of keys thus becomes unnecessary.

Example single-family house:
For example, you only need one key for the front door, door deadlock, garage, letterbox, garden gate and shed.

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Central lock system

Within a key system, each tenant can use only one key to lock only the areas relevant to him/her.

Example apartment building:
Each tenant of an apartment building can additionally lock the front door, cellar entrance, bike room or attic with a flat key.

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Master key system

The master key system is a key system in which one master key locks all lock cylinders present in the key system.

Example of a school:
The caretaker of a grammar school can lock all rooms of the educational institution with a master key. All other keys only open the individual door to the respective classroom or assembly hall.

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General master key system

The master key system is a key system in which two or more master key systems are combined. In this case, master keys are called group keys and the key that can open all lock cylinders of the key system is called a general master key.

Example for a company:
Different functional areas of the key system are divided into groups (e.g. company areas and departments). The respective head of department can only lock the lock cylinders of his/her group, individual employees the main entrance and the entrances to their departments as well as their offices or work areas within the group/department.

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