LoTo Tags T100


Conspicuous labelling: Our LOTO tags are tear-resistant, robust, reusable and writable.

All variants for T100

Eye-catching labelling thanks to our polypropylene LOTO tags in two different sizes and five languages.

This improves safety during maintenance. You can write hints and warnings on the tags or label them with an employee’s name or a department. Includes a resealable dispenser in which the identification labels are kept.


  • Made of indestructible synthetic paper from polypropylene
  • With labeling fields on the back
  • Available in five different languages
  • Reclosable box with 9 mm perforation for hooks (dimension: 144 x 33 x 29 mm)

Operation and use

  • Clear warnings and specific instructions for use provide more safety in case of maintenance
  • Robust, tear-resistant and rewritable
  • Small identification tags ideal for hooking into padlocks or latches in control cabinets
  • Well stored and yet quickly at hand thanks to practical dispenser box


General downloads:


We have summarised for you which disposal information is important in your country.

Disposal & labelling of packaging
colour: white
Weight: 85 g
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