Simply activate and deactivate the alarm system via app © ABUS

Operation Convenient, unique, simple

The Secvest wireless alarm system is as flexible as it is easy and convenient to use.

Activation and deactivation is completely straightforward – via remote control with status display, push-button, PIN code, prox tag, key or via your mobile phone.

The Secvest informs you of the current status of the system (armed or disarmed) in the form of a visual or acoustic signal each time it is operated or queried. The selection of controls allows you to control your alarm panel according to your needs.

And, best of all, The voice output feature makes operating the Secvest danger alarm system child's play.

The alarm system talks to you and acknowledges your inputs with understandable statements such as "The alarm system is activated". This way you always know what is going on and thus reduce the risk of a false alarm.

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