fire extinguisher spray AFS625

Feuerstopp AFS625

Fire safety at the push of a button: Protect your household against the serious consequences of a house fire from a safe distance of up to four metres with our ABUS fire extinguishing spray.

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Fire extinguishing spray for quickly fighting smaller sources of fire.

Often all it takes is a careless moment - and the pan, toaster or grill with the delicious sausages are on fire. It is therefore worth having our AFS625 fire extinguishing spray close at hand in the home and garden. The spray is used like a standard can. The spray range of the foam extinguishing agent inside is up to four metres, which allows you to use it from a safe distance. The product is also suitable for grease fires caused by cooking oils or cooking fats. Tip: Also practical for travelling in the car or camper, mobile home or caravan!
  • Made in Germany
Application example – Fire Extinguisher Spray around the campfire Application example – Fire Extinguisher Spray in the camper Application example – Fire Extinguisher Spray


  • 625 ml highly effective foam extinguishing agent
  • Easy to use – just like a conventional spray can
  • Spraying range (max. distance between source of fire and user) up to 4 m
  • Spray time approx. 25 seconds
  • Weight: approx. 900 g gross
  • Shelf life: 39 months

Operation and use

  • Suitable for fighting incipient fires of fire classes A, B and F
  • Fire class 5A: solid and non-melting substances
  • Fire class 21B: liquid and melting substances
  • Fire class 15F: cooking fats and cooking oils
  • Also for use with electrical systems of up to 1000 V (distance of at least 1 m)


  • Optional: holder available


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colour: red
Weight: 847 g
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