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The Project


The idea behind the City Vibes project is that artists from the world's metropolises project the urban culture of their city onto an ABUS city helmet. And that in the form of distinctive and unique helmet designs.

The six local scene greats who make up the global artist collective are Anthony Lewellen, Hugo Mulder, Tim Zdey, Peter Skensved, Will Barras and Felix Hülpüsch. How do they describe the special features of cycling in their city? How does cycling culture influence art and what is it about cycling? With these questions in mind, most artists were presented with a blank ABUS Skurb helmet. On it, they could express their thoughts artistically. Freely interpreted and with tools chosen by them: no matter whether with spray cans, stickers or waterproof markers.

The project resulted in six urban ABUS helmets (five Skurb models and one Scraper 3.0) that reflect a particular city vibe. The blank city helmets have become impressive one-offs: a Berlin helmet, a Copenhagen helmet, a Chicago helmet, a Paris helmet, an Amsterdam helmet, as well as a London helmet respectively.

With this project, we at ABUS want to draw attention to the fact that bicycle helmets are by no means "uncool". Quite the opposite: they are stylish, available in modern colours and patterns, and comfortable. They not only protect against head injuries, but are also a trendy accessory. Just like street art, helmets are also part of the colourful city life. For more safety in urban traffic!

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