Coil Cable Lock 670/180-15LL+URB Booster Pro

Booster Pro 670/180 15LL + URB

With the Booster 670 Spiral Cable Lock from ABUS, you can protect your bike easily and conveniently against theft.

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The Booster 670 Spiral Cable Lock offers optimum basic protection and is very easy to use.

With this bicycle lock, you can connect your bicycle conveniently, easily and quickly to a fixed object. You do not even need a key, as the Booster 670 Spiral Cable Lock engages directly thanks to the special ABUS automatic locking technology. In addition, the ABUS automatic cylinder is equipped with a drilling protection, which makes the drilling into and drilling open of the lock considerably more difficult for potential thieves. If the Booster 670 Spiral Cable Lock is not required, it can be conveniently transported on a special holder on the seat post.


  • 12 mm thick, high-quality and super flexible spiral cable
  • Plastic coating to prevent damage to the bicycle’s paintwork
  • ABUS automatic cylinder with drilling protection and user-friendly reversible key
  • Two keys are supplied in the scope of delivery


  • Coil cable locks offer a compact transport size and have an extremely multifunctional and practicable length
  • The lock is ideal as a second lock for securing components
Tech Specs
EAN: 4003318443480
design color: black
Locking type: key
Carrier: LL + URB
Weight: 750 g

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