Having the lock on board while commuting into town, and the drinking bottle during a sporty ride! Sounds like long fitting work on the bike, but is done in no time with the new ABUS ML-BordoMount and the TWIST bike base from FIDLOCK.

All varieties for Bracket SH ML-BORDO Mount

The new, modular bracket solution ABUS ML-BordoMount combines the simplicity of magnetic force with the security of a fixed mechanical connection.

The bracket snaps in automatically as soon as it is held on the frame via the FIDLOCK TWIST bike base. By pressing the integrated locking lever, the ML-BordoMount is firmly connected to the bike.

So you can enjoy full flexibility at all times: Use the TWIST bike base for the drinking bottle during the sporty ride and use your secure BORDO lock for your daily bike ride to the office.

Tech Specs
EAN: 4003318888861