Spray PS88 125 ml


Appropriate maintenance is important: This keeps a locking cylinder durable and smooth.

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The right maintenance does the trick: This way, your locking cylinder closes smoothly and without problems for many years, and you increase its durability.

Our non-greasy special care spray PS88 for all locking cylinders - such as door cylinders, bicycle lock cylinders or padlock cylinders - ensures that a locking cylinder remains well maintained inside and that a key can be turned around smoothly. The PS88 spray protects the locking cylinder from dust, dirt and more, making it more durable and longer-lasting. Simply spray it into the locking cylinder and you're done. Please note: If a locking cylinder is heavily soiled, the dirt will run out afterwards. Therefore, it may be useful to have a cloth ready to catch the dirt.
  • Made in Germany


  • Free from chlorine, fluorine (CKW/FCKW), PCB, lead and other contaminants
  • Non-greasy special lubricant spray

Operation and use

  • Door cylinders, bicycle lock cylinders, padlock cylinders, car locks, tools, sports equipment, office machines


  • 50 and 125 ml


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colour: blue
Weight: 1500 g
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