Frame Lock 4750 Key
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4750 X NR schwarz OE

The frame lock 4750 from ABUS with extremely large wheel passage and reliable protection in one easy step.

All varieties for 4750 X / XL
Colours for 4750 X / XL

One grab, one click and your bike is locked – with the reliable protection of an ABUS lock.

Frame locks are the basic protection of your bike. If you're just popping into the bakery, they are a convenient solution to protect your bike from quick theft in one easy step. Just like our frame lock 4750, which has been specially developed for wheels with a large wheel passage.

Awards & partner
Test seal of the Dansk Varefakta Naevn – Copenhagen, Danmark
Test seal of the Dansk Varefakta Naevn – Copenhagen, Danmark

Awards & partner


  • 8.5 mm steel shackle
  • The case, the shackle as well as supporting elements of the locking mechanism are made of specially hardened steel
  • Extreme large aperture for extra wide tires
  • Closing mechanism for easy attachment of accessory to the lock body
  • The R (key retaining) version holds the key when the lock is open, the NR (non key retaining) version allows taking the key out of the cylinder


  • Frame locks are a convenient protection against unauthorized use of the bicycle
  • It is highly recommended to use a second lock besides the frame lock
Tech Specs
design color: black
Weight: 850 g
Construction: Technical drawing - 4750 X / XL
Technical drawing - 4750 X / XL
color of facets: black
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