ADAPTOR CHAIN ACH 6KS 85 black + ST5850

Adding the CHAIN Frame Lock Chain to your ABUS frame lock is a very quick and easy way to double your protection against theft.

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It couldn’t be simpler – with this frame lock chain made of hardened steel, you have the perfect secondary security for your bicycle.

The CHAIN Frame Lock Chain from ABUS makes it particularly easy to make your bicycle twice as secure: simply place the chain around a fixed object, pull the end with the lock through the ring on the chain and attach it to the lock housing. You will not need another key, nor will you need to lock the shackle separately. The adapter chain can be inserted into all ABUS frame locks whose product names contain a combination of four numbers. It is also compatible with the Alarmbox 2.0.
Application example - Frame lock with chain ADAPTOR CHAIN


  • 6 and 8 mm thick, square chain made of hardened steel
  • Separate locking of the shackle is not necessary
  • Opens up a lot of opportunities for locking the bicycle on to a fixed object
  • Suitable for use with frame locks 4960, 5850, 5650, 5750 and 5950


  • For securing a bicycle against unauthorised use
Tech Specs
Weight: 880 g
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