Lock-Chain Combination 34CS/55 10KS 140 black Key

Platinum Chain 34 CS/55 10KS

ABUS lock-chain combinations are all-in-one locking and connection solutions and because of their range of practical applications are very popular with bikers.

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The Platinum Chain 34 CS/55 10KS manages the security of your motorbike with ABUS’ proven locking technology.

With a 10mm square chain you can flexibly connect your bike to a fixed object of your choice when you park. The Platinum Chain 34 CS/55 10KS’s padlock is hard to crack thanks to its hardened shackle and additional shackle protection. The built-in ABUS pin cylinder, made from hardened steel, provides good anti-drill protection.

And when you do not need the Platinum Chain 34 CS/55 10KS, it simply disappears compactly under the seat or in your motorbike pannier.

  • Made in Germany
Awards & partner
Awards & partner


  • Hardened 10 mm square chain and a high quality ABUS padlock provide all-round security
  • Lock with hardened shackle and housing as well as extra shackle protection
  • Proven ABUS pin cylinder, with hardened steel providing all-round anti-drill protection


  • Good protection when there is average risk of theft
  • Recommended for protecting light motorbikes and scooters from an average risk of theft


  • Lock-chain combinations are a good solution for attaching motorbikes to fixed objects
  • To limit the possibility of brutal attempts to smash the chain, it is best not to place it on or near the ground
Tech Specs
design color: black
Weight: 3710 g
color of facets: black
Locking type: key
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