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GameChanger 2.0 When every detail matters

With this aero helmet, every detail has a big goal: high-end performance. That's why we developed it with professional athletes and manufactured it in Italy, the cradle of cycling. Here you can see all the features of the ABUS GameChanger 2.0 at a glance.

Maximum performance and aerodynamics in every racing situation

While you're riding at your mental and physical best, the GameChanger 2.0 takes care of your head climate and aerodynamics. The AirBoost air inlet at the front and the wider rear with Aero Blade provide optimal ventilation and reduced drag. And we have not compromised on safety either. Find out how the GameChanger 2.0 combines safety, comfort and performance at the highest level.

All Features at a glace:

AirBoost air inlet

With the new AirBoost air inlet at the front, we were able to increase the surface area of the front vents by 32 percent. This allows more air into the helmet without diluting the GameChanger's iconic design.

Bild AirBoost

Aero Blade structure

At lower speed, the Aero Blade allows air to flow in and helps accelerate the wind flow inside the helmet. This creates a cooling effect that regulates head temperature on long rides and steep climbs.

If the rider's speed increases and they change to a sprint position, the Aero Blade acts like a closed surface. The air resistance is reduced and the air in the upper part of the helmet circulates evenly. In this way, we create an aerodynamic advantage that reduces air resistance in an efficient and intelligent way.

Bild Aero Blade

Forced air cooling technology

Good ventilation is not just about getting more air into the helmet. It's primarily about a suitable guidance system that guides the air through the helmet - with the aim of finding the easiest and quickest way out. 

So we redesigned the internal ventilation ducts. They can now be compared to motorways, which guide the air through the helmet in a direct way, without obstacles - and thus ensure a constant exchange of air.

Bild Forced Air Cooling

Paddings and strap system

The front belt anchor has moved further up, the rear anchors have disappeared and the middle anchor is integrated into the restraint system - creating a whole new wearing sensation. For even more comfort, you can easily adjust the helmet using our patented and highly precise Zoom Ace Pro adjustment system. ActiCage and In-Mold increase the stability of the aero helmet.

Bild Gurtsystem

What's next?

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