KeyGarage™ 797 SMART-BT with keys KeyGarage™ 797 SMART-BT KeyGarage™ 797 SMART-BT KeyGarage™ 797 SMART-BT with keys

797 KeyGarage™ One

Secure your keys and more with 797 SMART Bluetooth®.

  • WARNING:  Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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Streamline your access control with the KeyGarage™ 797 Smart-BT, a smart and efficient solution designed to simplify your key management.

With the KeyGarage™ 797 Smart-BT equipped with a shackle, you can securely store up to 20 keys, three car keys, or as many as 30 plastic cards, providing a temporary and adaptable solution for diverse groups of people. Easily attach it to doorknobs, railings, or handles for quick access.
Rest assured, our Bluetooth®-enabled KeyGarage boasts the latest AES-128-Bit encryption for maximum security. Inside, you'll find two hooks for your keys, and changing the batteries is a breeze, all without the need to open the KeyGarage™ 797 Smart-BT.
For optimal results, we recommend using the KeyGarage™ 797 Smart-BT in a protected outdoor area. Simplify your key management with this smart and secure solution.
  • Made in Germany
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  • Large, sturdy metal housing
  • Illuminated electronic keypad for entering a 6-digit key code
  • Manage and use the KeyGarage™ using the HomeTec Pro Bluetooth app
  • Generate and send individual access tickets or a 6-digit code for multiple users
  • View the log access history and current users
  • Capacity for up to 20 keys, 3 car keys or 30 plastic cards
  • Integrated key hooks for hanging up keys/key fobs
  • Automatic locking
  • Battery compartment for 2 x AA batteries, accessible from the outside

Use and application

  • For safely storing keys or small valuable objects for authorised persons
  • Fast and easy access for groups of people that change frequently (e.g. workers, service, holiday guests, vehicle rental, multi-family homes, care services)
  • Access option of generating and sharing a key code or of sending an electronic access ticket through the HomeTec Pro Bluetooth app
  • Mounting with shackle for flexible and temporary use in indoor and protected outdoor areas (e.g. on doorknobs, railings or handles)
  • Store whole key fobs thanks to the large compartment inside


  • Color: black-silver
  • 787 One: KeyGarage™ for wall mounting


Yes, you can. The Smart KeyGarage™ is tested according to protection class IP54 and weather-resistant. However, we recommend choosing a sheltered location outdoors.

Yes, the shackle and the foam rubber plate are available separately as accessories.

No, in order to generate an opening code, a Bluetooth® connection to the Smart KeyGarage™ must be ensured. Only electronic access tickets can be created and sent from the app without a Bluetooth® connection. 

No, in order to be able to redeem the access ticket, a Bluetooth® connection to the Smart KeyGarage™ must be ensured. 

No, only the administrator is authorised to assign individual opening codes. When the user creates an opening code, it is generated automatically. 

Technically, yes, but for security reasons we recommend that you do not choose a simple series of numbers. Furthermore, the code "000000" is not approved for security reasons and therefore cannot be used as an opening code.

This is how to change the code on your Smart KeyGarage.


Yes, this is mandatory as only 6-digit codes are accepted. A 6-digit code ensures higher security: it has one million possible opening codes. With a 4-digit code, it would only be 10,000. 

Up to 28 different users can be created. If more than 28 users are created, the oldest user without current authorisation is automatically deleted.

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment. If a code has been forgotten, a new one must be assigned. 

The HomeTec Pro app runs on Android devices as well as on smartphones with iOS operating systems.

Download the free ABUS HomeTec Pro app for iOS or Android.

In principle, the Smart KeyGarage™ can be used with different and multiple end devices. However, they cannot be used at the same time because the "Multiconnect" function has not been implemented. 

No, unfortunately this is not possible. To make it clear that the Smart KeyGarage™ has been "woken up", a white LED lights up brightly for a short time when it is woken up. 

When the Smart KeyGarage™ is operated exclusively via code entry, the battery life is up to one year. If the Smart KeyGarage™ is operated exclusively via the app, the battery life is up to two and a half years. 

The batteries can be replaced quickly and easily as the battery compartment is accessible from the outside. 

As soon as the batteries run low, you will be notified via the LED lights before each opening and closing of the Smart KeyGarage™ that the batteries will soon have to be changed: this is indicated by flashing orange three times. 

Unboxing: Smart KeyGarage 797 Bluetooth®
Assembly & activation
Add user and redeem invitation via smartphone
Add user and redeem invitation without smartphone


Maximum Capacity (Keys): 20
color: black-silver
Horizontal clearance b: 40 inch
Shackle diameter d: 8 inch
Height f: 179 inch
Structure: Technical drawing
Technical drawing
Maximum Capacity (Plastic Cards): 30
Width a: 82,5 inch
Vertical clearance c: 49 inch
Depth e: 63 inch
Weight [lbs]: 1.96 lbs
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