Primo 5412K Key

Primo 5412K

The discreet ABUS Primo 5412K Cable Lock can be locked quickly, noticeably so with the SCMU system version, because locking up does not require a key.

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The ABUS Primo 5412K Cable Lock is a sophisticated, low-cost cable lock which offers good everyday protection where there is a low risk of theft.

The lock with the 12mm-thick steel cable weighs just 515g including the SCMU bracket, so it can also be brought along as an additional lock to secure two bikes together, for example. Of course, the ABUS Cable Lock Primo 5412K can also be used as a single lock where the risk of theft is not particularly high and the lock is intended to secure against fast, opportunistic theft. The steel 12mm-thick cable is coated in black plastic to prevent damage to the bike's paintwork.


  • 15/32" thick, high-quality steel cable
  • Plastic coating to prevent damage to the bicycle’s paintwork


  • Great protection where there is a low risk of theft
  • Recommended for protecting entry-level and children's bicycles


  • Cable locks feature good flexibility and relatively low weight
Tech Specs
design color: black
Weight [lbs]: 0.71 lbs
color of facets: black
Locking type: key
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