Frame Lock 496 R black OE

TECTIC™ 496 NR black

The ABUS TECTIC™ 496 Frame Lock is quick and easy to use and offers good protection against low risk of theft.

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Even in the basic protection range, ABUS offers consistently outstanding quality. Both in terms of technology and choice of materials.

We recommend the TECTIC™ 496 Frame Lock for securing low-cost bikes. The bike lock offers good protection against low risk of theft and is classified as a security level 6 lock. The shackle, the housing and the structural parts of the TECTIC™ 496 Frame Lock's locking mechanism are manufactured from specially hardened steel. To keep your bike even more secure against theft, we recommend the use of a second lock in the form of an ABUS U-lock or chain lock.


  • 21⁄64" mm thick locking shackle
  • The shackle, the case as well as supporting elements of the locking mechanism are made of special hardened steel
  • In the R version, the key remains in the cylinder when the lock is opened; in the NR version, it can be pulled out


  • Good protection at low theft risk
  • Recommended for the protection of low-range bicycles


  • Frame locks are a convenient protection against unauthorized use of the bicycle
  • The use of a second lock besides the frame lock is highly recommended
Tech Specs
EAN: 4003318112584
Width: 2 21/64 inch
design color: black
Weight [lbs]: 450 lbs
Locking type: key
Height: 4 21/4 inch
Carrier: LH
diameter: 21/64 inch
Security Level Bike: 6


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