Padlock 24IB/60 Master Key Key

24IB/60 kd.

The Diskus® padlock ABUS Diskus® 24IB provides you with all-round protection against theft and corrosion.

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The ABUS Diskus lock is a special type of padlock with special advantages.

The Diskus lock’s shape effectively prevents the most common methods of breaking through. This means that the small shackle opening called for in the design offers hardly any space on the shackle for attacks. Due to the predominant use of stainless steel, the Diskus lock is most especially used in cases where security and corrosion protection are required. The ABUS Diskus 24IB can be used to lock trucks, doors, gates, barns, basements, sheds, etc. Ideally, an ABUS Diskus hasp should be used so that the shackle of the lock cannot be attacked with tools to pry it open.
  • Made in Germany


  • Lock body, inner parts and shackle made solely from stainless steel for extreme resistance to corrosion
  • Cylinder cover – maximum protection against dirt and water spray (2 23⁄64and 2 3⁄4" only)"
  • Nickel-plated cylinder for enhanced weather protection
  • Original Diskus® design: 360° protection
  • Diskus® Deep-Welding Technology – the best in break-in protection
  • Precision pin cylinder
  • Key retaining: locking only with the key (key cannot be removed while the lock remains open)
  • Made in Germany


  • For the protection of larger assets and objects with a high risk of theft
  • Ideal for severe weather conditions (e.g., in sea and port areas, for securing vehicles and boats in outdoor use)
  • For securing trucks, doors, gates, barns, cellars, cupboards, etc.


  • Also ideal in combination with ABUS Diskus® Hasp 140, so the lock shackle cannot be attacked with tools


  • Sizes: 1 31/32, 2 23/64", 2 3/4""
Tech Specs
Width a: 2 23/64 inch
Vertical clearance c: 33/64 inch
Height f: 2 23/64 inch
Finish: stainless steel
Security card: No
Weight [lbs]: 0.49 lbs
Security Level Home Security: 7
Construction: Technical drawing
Technical drawing
Horizontal clearance b: 21/32 inch
Depth e: 1 1/16 inch
Keyed alike: No
Shackle diameter d: 5/16 inch
color of facets: silver
Locking type: key
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