Padlock 70IB/50 Lock-Tag

70IB Aqua Safe

This marine padlock made of solid brass is particularly suitable for securing boats and vehicles in extremely harsh weather and environmental conditions.

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The ABUS 70IB Aqua Safe marine padlock not only reliably protects your valuables from theft, but also protects sensitive surfaces from scratches.

The extremely weatherproof Aqua Safe 70IB from ABUS is made from a solid brass lock body coated in plastic to protect sensitive surfaces. The hardened steel shackle also has an impact-resistant plastic coating. In addition, a special protective cap ensures that water spray and dirt cannot penetrate into the locking mechanism. This makes this padlock ideal for securing valuables outdoors.


  • Solid lock body made from brass
  • Stainless-steel shackle for extra-special corrosion protection
  • Sealed lock body with special protective cap and drainage channels to protect the locking mechanism from water and dirt
  • Shock-absorbing plastic casing protects sensitive surfaces
  • Double bolted
  • Precision pin cylinder
  • Paracentric key profile for increased protection against manipulation
  • Inner components made from rust-free materials


  • For medium-security requirements under extreme weather and environmental conditions
  • Ideal for securing vehicles and boats


Tech Specs
Width a: 2 11/64 inch
Vertical clearance c: 1 5/64 inch
Height f: 3 13/64 inch
Finish: blue
Weight [lbs]: 0.51 lbs
Construction: Technical drawing
Technical drawing
Horizontal clearance b: 59/64 inch
Depth e: 1 7/32 inch
Keyed alike: No
Shackle diameter d: 23/64 inch
Security Level Home Security: 6
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