U-Lock 32/150HB230+USH32

Facilo 32/150HB230 + USH32

The Facilo 32 U-Lock provides a sound level of basic protection for your bicycle. ABUS Double Locking technology offers added security.

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Perhaps you need to leave your bike outside a shop, or secure it to a garden fence while you pop in and visit friends: the Facilo 32 U-Lock is the perfect solution for situations in which there is a low risk of theft or for bicycles which come from the lower end of the price scale.

High-quality materials coupled with cutting-edge safety technology: even the economy range of ABUS bike locks incorporates a high-quality cylinder featuring the company's Double Locking technology. This means that the 12mm hardened-steel shackle is locked twice within the main body, for additional protection against thieves attempting to bend it open using everyday methods. It's not surprising that U-locks are recommended by the police as the most reliable form of protection against bike theft.

Awards & partner
Test Seal of Sold Secure – Northants, Great Britain
Test Seal of Sold Secure – Northants, Great Britain
ABUS Seal for Ice Spray Test – Volmarstein, Germany
ABUS Seal for Ice Spray Test – Volmarstein, Germany
Awards & partner


  • Hardened 15/32" round shackle
  • ABUS top-quality locking cylinder
  • 10 mm high-quality steel cable with two loop ends
  • PVC casing to prevent damage to paintwork


  • Basic protection in situations where the risk of theft is low
  • Ideal for securing low-cost bicycles
  • The longer the length of the shackle, the more easily it can be used to secure a bike to a fixed object
Tech Specs
EAN: 4003318374920
Width: 4 19/64 inch
design color: black
Weight [lbs]: 950 lbs
Locking type: key
Height: 9 1/16 inch
Carrier: USH 32
diameter: 15/32 inch
Security Level Bike: 7


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