Wall/Floor anchor WBA 60


The WBA 60 wall and floor anchor allows you to create a safe connection option for your two-wheeler in just a few easy steps.

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With the WBA 60, you hugely increase safety for your bike in the cellar, garage or at the house.

An ABUS lock protects your bike even better when you connect it to a solid object. The WBA 60 wall and floor anchor is there so that this option can also be available in your bicycle cellar or garage. It offers you additional protection for your bike at any desired location.
  • Made in Germany
Awards & Partners
Awards & Partners


  • 10 mm thick shackle made of hardened special steel for maximum attack resistance
  • Incl. mounting accessories

Operation and use

  • The anchor can be used to secure two-wheeled vehicles in garages, cellars and houses
  • The WBA 60 can be mounted either on the floor or on the wall using the mounting accessories supplied. In combination with an ABUS lock it offers the highest security
Weight [g]: 450 g
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