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Lever padlocks Keep it shut? Of course!

Do you like to cycle to the shops and use a bicycle basket for this? Do you rent out beach chairs to tourists? Or you simply need security to protect your barn from unauthorised third parties?

In such cases, simple protection with one of our lever padlocks is usually sufficient. For example, for bicycle baskets, garden gates or drawers. This way you can put a stop to opportunistic thieves.

For beach chairs we recommend our 446BM/40 because it has an extra weatherproof coating. That's why it's also generally suitable for use in coastal regions and sea and harbour areas. And the chic retro design is quite intentional: Because we first launched the lock back in 1939 without changing the design since then.

It has proved its worth, as you can see.

16 g - 155 g
Security Level
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