Bicycle safety at home

Theft protection for two-wheelers SAFE ON THE GO – AND AT HOME

E-bikes, bicycles, scooters and motorbikes are more than just a means of transport: they are an expression of sporting passion, freedom or a sense of adventure – and are often quite valuable.

This makes them a coveted prey for thieves: hundreds of two-wheelers are stolen every day – not only when you are out and about, but also from garages, cellars, hallways or garden sheds.

From locking your cellar door and top tips for securing your two-wheeler to installing security cameras in the garage – we have the best security solutions to protect your valuable possessions from theft. At home and on the go.

On this page you will find information on the following topics:

Secure to an object? Absolutely! But where?

Some locks offer the option of securing the bike to an object to protect it even better against theft – but often there are no permanently installed bike racks or securing options at home. Simply locking up is not always enough – thieves sometimes simply carry the stolen property into a getaway vehicle. This is where our wall and floor anchors come into play.

These anchors create a robust connection between the floor or wall and your valuable two-wheeler. They are the perfect complement to stable chain locks – our WCH wall anchors "Made in Germany" even integrate chain and anchor in one system.

We offer various anchor solutions that fit different needs: no matter whether you want to lock up your motorbike, a racing bike or a pram. Discover our wall and floor anchors, matching chain locks and the WCH system:

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WBA | Ohne I
Recommended chain locks for use with a wall- and floor-anchor:

This is where you can make the most of our security solutions for your home:

  • in private garages
  • in cellars of houses or rented flats – our anchor solutions also save space in communal bicycle cellars
  • in a bicycle shed on the property
  • in courtyards or on private terraces
  • in carports or parking spaces for motor homes and caravans
  • in private workshops or hobby rooms
  • in the hallway or stairwell

As a tenant, please always check with the landlord whether it is permissible to install one of our security solutions.

Videoüberwachungssysteme können einen entscheidenden Beitrag zum Schutz von Zweirädern leisten. ©Shutterstock

VIDEO SURVEILLANCE Keep an eye on everything

With our video surveillance products for self-installation, you can provide extra theft protection around your garage, garden shed or house entrance with just a few simple steps and app-guided installation.

Video surveillance systems can make a decisive contribution to protecting your valuable two-wheelers. Here are three reasons why you should invest in video surveillance:

1.Deterring thieves: visible cameras act as a deterrent to potential thieves. If thieves see that your property is being monitored, they might refrain from trying to break in and look for easier prey.

2.Evidence: in case of theft, video recordings provide valuable evidence. The stored recordings can help the police identify thieves and contribute to the recovery of stolen two-wheelers.

3.Monitoring of key areas: video surveillance in the garage, cellar and entrance area allows you to keep an eye on critical areas. You can access live or recorded images at any time and make sure everything is OK. So you stay relaxed even when you're out and about or on holiday.

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Zweiradsicherungen mit Alarm bieten lautstarken Diebstahlschutz. ©ABUS


Loud theft protection

Your e-bike and other valuable possessions deserve the best protection, especially in your own home. Our locks with additional alarm function offer exactly that. That is why they are the modern answer to theft attempts:



Active protection around the clock
A lock alarm never sleeps. Whether in the garage, in the cellar or on the front door – a high-quality lock with alarm function always remains alert. It detects unauthorised movements and issues warnings directly.

100 dB loud alarm

If someone tries to steal your property, the 100 dB loud alarm will not only alert you but also your neighbours. This way, theft attempts in your neighbourhood won't go unnoticed for long.

Remote control and app control
You can control some of our alarm locks using our ABUS One app. In this way, your smartphone becomes a key. In addition, you can be informed about unusual movements at the lock via push notification. The alarm function sleeps when the lock is in transport mode so you won't be surprised by an alarm when you want to be undisturbed.

An overview of our bike locks with alarm:


Would you have thought that some thieves use their bare hands to steal a bicycle. An inferior lock and the right leverage – and criminals get their loot. We have put together some useful tips for you to provide more theft protection for your two-wheeler at home:



  • Protection of extended private zone: secure any side doors at front door level behind which valuable items such as e-bikes, prams, barbecues or tools are stored. You will find suitable products here.


  • As a general rule: don't just lock your two-wheelers, but secure them to a fixed object too.


  • Insurance: check your insurance cover and make sure your two-wheelers are properly protected at home.


  • Secure tightly: leave as little space as possible between the lock, bicycle frame and the fixed object – the less space there is for tools, the harder it is for thieves.


  • Pay attention to height: try to attach the lock at a height that makes it difficult for thieves to make contact with the ground and apply leverage.


  • Use multiple locks: the use of several locks, especially of different types (e.g. a U-lock and a chain lock), can increase theft protection – it takes more time to break them open, and thieves sometimes only have tools for one type of lock with them.


  • Mark your two-wheeler: register your bike and apply a unique marking. This can act as a deterrent and make it easier to identify stolen bicycles.


  • Always use a lock: even if you only leave your bike in the hallway for a short time, always lock it. Most thefts happen in seconds.


  • Regular inspection: check your security devices regularly to make sure they are working properly and have not been tampered with.


  • Keyed alike: in order not to lose track of various keys with good security measures, we recommend our One Key option – this allows one key to be used for the bicycle lock and battery, for example.


  • Place your trust in quality: when buying anti-theft products, look for test approvals.
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