Door lock JC5100A NESSA Door lock JC5100A NESSA

Door lock JC5100A NESSA

Keep doors and windows open: with our hinge lock NESSA!

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Our hinge lock NESSA is an all-round talent!

Simply hooked onto the hinge of the door or window, NESSA prevents doors and windows from suddenly slamming shut due to a gust of wind, for example.
This prevents toddlers and babies from getting trapped in the door or window and possibly injuring themselves.
Tip: If you purchase the optionally available counterpart, you can attach our NESSA hinge lock to any position on the door and window frame.


  • The flexible plastic material reliably dampens the closing of doors or windows without damaging them
  • Easy and residue-free installation: the lock is hung on the hinge of the door or window
  • Alternatively the hinge lock can be placed in any position on the door or window frame using the counter component (included in the scope of delivery)

Operation and use

  • Holds doors and windows open preventing fingers becoming trapped


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colour: white
Weight: 26 g
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