Metal door and stair gate JC9220 NIC

Wooden stair gate JC9220 NIC

To avoid unintentionally falling down the stairs, we recommend: Mount our door and stair gate NIC.

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No, better not! Our door and stair gate NIC protects your kids from unintentionally falling down the stairs while romping around.

Friends, siblings or cousins romp around the house or flat and shriek until the beams bend, the pictures on the walls shake and grandma reports hearing loss. Sometimes the dog or the house cat also gets involved. All parents know this, don't they? To ensure that neither your offspring nor their furry friends fall down the stairs unintentionally, we recommend: Attach a door and stair gate, for example our NIC. NIC is made of untreated beech wood, a warm material that not only looks good but is equally pleasant to the touch. In addition, the stair gate does not scratch the floor because it swings freely. It fits door widths and stairways between 63 and 103.5 centimetres and is completely assembled in just a few minutes. It's also compactly packaged so you can easily tuck it under your arm.
Application example - Wooden stair gate JC9220 NIC


  • Completely assembled in a few minutes
  • Made of untreated, European beech wood
  • Natural raw material without lacquers
  • Up to door widths and stairways from 63 to 103.5 cm
  • Height of the gate from the floor approx. 72 cm
  • Distance between the bars: approx. 50 mm

Operation and use

  • For door widths and stairways from 63 to 103.5 cm
  • Suitable for passages and stairs in the house


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Disposal & labelling of packaging
colour: beech
Weight: 3100 g
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