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You can choose between stand-alone and radio smoke alarms

Stand-alone smoke sensors are very suitable for smaller houses and flats, where the smoke sensor would be heard in an emergency. In addition, stand-alone smoke alarm devices offer the advantage that only the detector that detects smoke will go off. Wireless smoke sensors, on the other hand, are networked with each other and forward the alarm to the next detector. This way your whole family can be warned and leave the house in time.

Networked radio
permanently installed battery

Smoke sensors Smoke sensor obligation in Germany

The smoke alarm obligation for new and existing buildings now exists in all German federal states.

Depending on how it is regulated in the countries, tenants, landlords, building owners or other persons are responsible for installing the small life savers.

The fact is: Since the introduction of the duty, the number of fire victims has dropped significantly*. It is also important to know that most people die from the fumes rather than the fire. Because while you sleep, only your hearing is still awake. That's why all smoke sensors beep so loudly. So that you really get it.

*Federal Statistical Office/Economy Week, survey "Change in fatalities due to fires by federal states with and without compulsory smoke sensors in the period from 2002 to 2010"

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