100 Jahre ABUS @ABUS
Secure your bike! Not just on the road, but also in the garage, cellar, hallway or garden shed. ©ABUS
HERO GameChanger 2.0
Put your finger on it, the lock opens © ABUS
The Secvest alarm system - all-round protection for your home © ABUS Alarm systems
ABUS bike safety © ABUS Bike
ABUS door security - live protected and worry-free © ABUS Door security
The right padlock for every application © ABUS Padlocks
Our product highlights:

ABUS Live protected

Our great concern at ABUS is that people live protected and carefree to do what you care about.

Since 1924, we have been working on security solutions for home and on the move. In doing so, we place human life in the focus of our actions - a high standard that we are happy to meet.

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