Wireless window power unit HomeTec Pro FCA3000 wireless window lock drive HomeTec Pro FCA3000 white oblique front view wireless window lock drive HomeTec Pro FCA3000 white oblique front view

HomeTec Pro FCA3000

User-friendly and secure: With the wireless window operator, you can conveniently lock your patio door at the touch of a button. An alarm function puts burglars to flight.

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You can also lock your terrace door at the touch of a button. Simple and secure.

Want to go for a jog, linger a while in the garden or take the dog out? Exiting your house through the terrace door becomes safe to do with the radio window lock drive. The product from the HomeTec Pro series allows you to lock your terrace door by simply pressing a button. You can still lock it manually as well. If burglars try to gain access to your home, a 111 decibel alarm can send them fleeing. Optionally, you can also open the door using a programmable code. The electric window drive was recognised with an award by the German Society for Gerontotechnology for its user-friendly functionality.
  • Made in Germany
Application example - FCA3000 Application example - FCA3000 Application example - FCA3000
Awards & Partners
Awards & Partners


  • Optimum ease of use thanks to optional wireless remote control and/or wireless keypad
  • Maximum security through AES 128 bit encryption
  • 3D alarm sensor system triggers a 110 dBA alarm as soon as a break-in attempt is detected
  • Fully automatic pairing of the power unit
  • Mechanical closing remains possible, electronic control works even when the locking cylinder is pressed in thanks to dual drive

Operation and use

  • Opening and locking the patio door at the push of a button or by entering a code


  • Colours: brown, white, silver


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Disposal & labelling of packaging
colour: white
Funk vernetzt: Yes
Weight: 1947 g
Design: Technical drawing
Technical drawing
alarm function: Yes
Window type: Balcony door / patio door, Basement window, Single casement window
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