Active Glass break detector VdS C

Active glass break alarm VdS C

All-rounder: the active ultrasonic glass break alarm for precise monitoring of all glass types, including safety glass. It reports deviations from the normal state to the Secoris intrusion alarm control panel.



Sensitive & secure

The active glass break alarm detects any change to window panes or glass surfaces with high sensitivity. It reports any deviation to the Secoris intrusion alarm control panel. The automatic self-test avoids false alarms, even if there is dirt on the pane. The glass break alarm consists of an ultrasonic transmitter, receiver and evaluation unit.

Active ultrasound monitoring

The piezo transmitter element causes the glass pane to vibrate by means of an ultrasonic signal, which is picked up by the piezo receiver element. Both compact elements are simply and inconspicuously placed on the pane and are wired to the evaluation unit, which determines the condition of the pane. If the transmitted frequency has changed on its way across the pane, an alarm is triggered.

All-rounder: monitors practically all glass types

Almost all types of glass in frame constructions can be monitored with the active glass break alarm. In addition to window, crystal , tempered and insulating glass, also bullet-proof, laminated and safety glass, as well as glass with a wire insert or shatter protection film. The alarm is certified according to VdS C and is suitable for protecting areas with high security standards (e.g. museums).

Versatile compatibility

The wire glass break alarm can be used with the ABUS Secoris intrusion alarm system and other alarm systems with wire detector groups (wire zones), such as ABUS Terxon or Secvest.

Awards & Partners
VdS Zertifikat
VdS Zertifikat
Awards & Partners

Product advantages

  • Reliably monitors glass surfaces for destruction (glass breakage, glass cutting) and tampering
  • Active, highly sensitive ultrasound monitoring (frequency, time interval and reflection measurements) between transmitter and receiver, each wired to the evaluation unit
  • Absolutely flexible, highly secure: suitable for a wide variety of glass types in frame constructions, such as window, crystal, tempered, insulating, bullet-proof, laminated, safety glass as well as glass with wire inlay or shatter protection film
  • Highest real alarm precision (reliable false alarm protection) and maintenance-free operation due to automatic self-test (no readjustment, no false alarms due to dirt on the pane)
  • Suitable for all windows, window doors, building glazing and areas/installations with high security requirements (e.g. bullet-proof glass, display cases, museums)
  • Unobtrusive monitoring and low installation effort: mounting of the compact transmitter and receiver unit on the glass pane (inside), with connection cable to the evaluation unit
  • Low power consumption
  • Finish: white
  • VdS C certified: VdS Class C (G 188149)


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Disposal & labelling of packaging
Adjustable sensitivity: Normal glass / laminated glass and bulletproof glass
Alarm memory: Yes
Area of application: Windows
Cable length: 6 m
Cable type: LiYCY 1 x 0,14 mm2 ( 1,8 mm)
Certifications: VdS C
Colour: *Unnamed (Identifier: Weiß)
Compatible with: Secoris
Connection cable length: 600 cm
DC voltage supply: 10,4 - 15 V
Depth: 30 mm
Display: LED
Environmental class: II
Fuse protection type: Intrusion protection
Gross weight: 0,46 kg
Length: 90 mm
Max. operating temperature: 75 °C
Min. operating temperature: -10 °C
Net weight: 0,46 kg
Power consumption: 18 mA
Sabotage monitoring: Yes
Standby power consumption: 22 mA
Status display: Yes
Type of detection: Ultrasonic
VdS approval no.: G 188149
VdS class: C
Width: 110 mm
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