Motion detector PIR MW (PET) Xtra-Flex EN3 Motion detector PIR MW (PET) Xtra-Flex EN3 Motion detector PIR MW (PET) Xtra-Flex EN3

Motion detector PIR MW Xtra-Flex EN3

Dual motion detector monitors rooms via passive infrared (PIR) and microwave (MW) sensor. It detects people very precisely without false alarms and can't be tricked, thanks to creep-zone protection.


Precise detection & top false alarm protection

EN Grade 3 certified, the wired dual motion detector has two independent detection methods. The passive infrared sensor with sensitive pro Fresnel lens captures a detailed thermal image for uniform coverage of the detection field. It detects human body heat very precisely and distinguishes it from pets. The innovative lens (flexible zone blanking) ensures a stable IR range (15 m/24 m) with all setting variants (vs. mirror detectors).2 detection methods

It only reports an incident to the IAS/control panel if the MW sensor system also detects a person with active scanning (Doppler effect/radar), thus providing the best protection against false alarms.

Volume and line detector

Lens can be configured as a volume (85° detection field at 15 m) or line detector (5° at 24 m).

Tampering is futile

Thanks to creep-zone protection, the detector detects people directly under itself (no blind spots). Integrated cover protection triggers alarm immediately if the detector's view is covered (when system is disarmed).

Easy fine adjustment, flexible mounting

Easily adjust sensitivity via DIP switches: thermal image zones and pulses that must be detected before alarm relay opens (PIR/MW sensor are independent). Fast wiring with common resistors. Coloured status LED signals detector status. Can be mounted on corner, wall or ceiling (incl. cover/tear-off contact).

Awards & Partners
Awards & Partners

Product advantages

  • Dual motion detector with passive infrared sensor (PIR) and active microwave detection (MW) for indoor use
  • High-precision detection of humans: integrated professional Fresnel lens captures the IR thermal image (80 zones), combined with active microwave scanning (Radarecho), distinguishes between humans and pets (pet-immune)
  • Double the protection: Top detection performance and false alarm security, as detector only triggers when both detection methods detect a person, sensitivity individually adjustable for each room environment
  • Flexible 2-in-1 solution: thanks to spiral lens, can be used as a volume detector and line detector (without accessories, such as long-range lens)
  • Detection range (PIR) adjustable as needed: wide detection (volume detector: 85° viewing angle, 15 m range) for room coverage; narrow detection (line detector: 5°, 24 m) for window front, shelf aisle etc.
  • High, stabilised IR range of thermal image detection for each setting option (compare with mirror detector)
  • Masking protection (anti-masking) to thwart tampering attempts, adjustable sensitivity: if the detector is masked or covered, e.g. when the alarm system is disarmed, a tamper alarm is triggered
  • Creep-zone protection for uninterrupted monitoring even directly under the detector (no blind spots)
  • Adjusting the detector precisely during installation is quick and easy via DIP switch
  • EN 50131 Grade 3 certified



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Disposal & labelling of packaging
Adjustable sensitivity: Yes, 4 Levels
Alarm memory: Yes
Anti-creep protection: Yes
Certifications: EN 50131 Grade 3
Compatible with: Secoris, Secvest, Terxon
Cover monitoring: Yes
DC voltage supply: 9,5 - 16 V
Depth: 59 mm
Detector coverage area (m): 15 m
Dimensions: 160 x 62 x 59 mm
EN: Level 3
Environmental class: II
Gross weight: 0,2 kg
Height: 160 mm
Installation location: Wall
Installation type: Surface Mounting
Max. detection range (indoor): 15 m
Max. humidity: 95 %
Max. operating temperature: 45 °C
Min. humidity: 0 %
Min. operating temperature: -20 °C
Net weight: 0,2 kg
PIR viewing angle: 85 °
Pet-proof: No
Power consumption: 21 mA
Sabotage monitoring: Yes
Standby power consumption: 16 mA
Type of detection: Heat detection, Microwave
Width: 62 mm
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