Stove guard JC4700 KAY

Stove guard JC4700 KAY

Our KAY cooker guard prevents children from being able to reach the hob.

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What is in all these pots?

Cooker guard KAY prevents your child from reaching the hob.
Of course it usually smells delicious when the pots and pans are steaming and the lids rattling!
But what is in them? When curiosity wins, the hand quickly lands on the hot cooker.
Our transparent cooker guard KAY ensures that your child cannot reach up to the hot cooking zone with their hands. The assembly is very simple: It is simply placed in front of the hob.


  • Diagonal construction makes it difficult to spill over onto the cooker (angle 45 degrees)
  • Flat, ergonomic design
  • Variable width from 50.5 to 91 centimetres
  • Simple installation (sticks) no drilling or screws required
  • Transparent, inconspicuous material

Operation and use

  • Protects against burns on hot stove tops/hot plates
  • For conventional stove tops
  • For at home and away


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Disposal & labelling of packaging
colour: white
Weight: 420 g
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