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The Vitess locking system meets your high security requirements thanks to technical copy protection, patent protection until 2034* and brand protection. The innovative Intop system effectively protects you from illegal key copying and door opening.

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Vitess is precisely tailored to suit your personal requirements, providing the chance to assemble your very own customised security solution – from the special features right down to the type of cylinder and finish.

The Vitess system can be expanded at any time, giving you the flexibility to make changes at a later stage. The fact that the lock cylinders are developed and produced in Germany guarantees premium quality and a long product service life. ABUS makes it possible for a single key to be used to open your front door as well as your apartment and cellar doors, and even your letterbox. With our combination keys, you can combine mechanical and electronic lock cylinders in one key system. Plus, together with the transponder in the key cap, it is even possible to control alarm systems and third-party systems.
Application example - Vitess


  • Strong, multi-paracentric key made of wear-resistant nickel silver
  • Patent: Patent protection until 2034
  • Locking system with 6 tumblers and 1 tumbler level
  • Copy protection: Technical copy protection thanks to Intop system by querying the locking authorisation inside the cylinder and on the key
  • Modular design: Optional
  • Attack resistance: Class B, class D with special equipment drilling and pulling protection BZD
  • Product certification: Certified according to DIN 18252 and DIN EN 1303, optional, for example SKG***, Details on request


  • Optional special features: Emergency function, freewheel, freewheel function for gear locks in escape doors, high-strength drill protection (on both sides), seawater-resistant cylinder


We have summarised for you which disposal information is important in your country.

Disposal & labelling of packaging
type of cylinder: Double cylinder
colour: nickel matt
emergency feature: Yes
fire resistance doors: Yes
Security card: Yes
reversable key: No
Drill protection: Yes
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