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Xelus ME

Thanks to the modular construction, you can adjust the cylinders to the desired length in a flash. If structural changes are made, the cylinder simply changes at the same time.

All variants for Xelus ME

The Xelus ME master key system can be extended at any time and allows you maximum freedom for development and change.

Back ordering complementary products for your locking system is still possible even after many years. When developing new components, ABUS focuses on reducing the environmental impact of potentially harmful substances such as lead and using forward-looking manufacturing technologies. With Xelus ME you are moving with the future, because the modular housing is completely lead-free and thus already meets the European requirements of the future.
  • Made in Germany
Application example - Xelus ME Reversible key


  • Multi-access paracentric reversible key made of wear-resistant nickel silver
  • Patent protection
  • Trademark protection: Unlimited
  • High-quality locking system with up to 16 spring-loaded tumblers and 3 tumbler levels
  • Copy protection: Inspect system with multidimensional permission check
  • Modular construction: standard for double, half and knob cylinders
  • Locking security: Class 5 according to DIN EN 1303
  • Attack resistance: Class B
  • Fire resistance: Class B, T90
  • Product certification: Certified according to DIN EN 1303 and manufactured according to DIN 18252, optional, for example SKG**, details on request
  • Manufacturer certification: ISO 9001
  • Made in Germany
  • Open all doors with one key
  • Assign individual locking permissions

Operation and use

  • From apartment buildings to large building complexes
  • The right cylinder for every door: Variety of cylinder types to choose from
  • Small to very large, complex master key systems


  • Cylinders available in various versions and lengths, tailored to your door
  • Optional special features: Emergency and hazard function, freewheel, SKG** , Design Cap, Pro Cap
  • Cylinder colours: Nickel (standard)



We have summarised for you which disposal information is important in your country.

Disposal & labelling of packaging
type of cylinder: Double cylinder
colour: nickel matt
emergency feature: Yes
fire resistance doors: Yes
Security card: Yes
reversable key: Yes
Drill protection: Yes
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