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With defined predetermined breaking point: This ensures that the D6PS door cylinder breaks when force is applied so that the door remains locked.

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Our D6PS door cylinder for house and flat doors has a defined predetermined breaking point.

This 6-pin cylinder is equipped with a pre-snap feature, a defined predetermined breaking point. It breaks under the influence of force so that your house and flat doors still remain securely locked. In addition, it is supplied with special pins and drill protection.


  • Manufactured according to DIN EN 1303, DIN 18252, ISO 9001:2015
  • Pre-snap feature (predetermined breaking point)
  • Anti-picking pins
  • With anti-drill protection
  • Dimple / Reversible key, no sharp edges and can be inserted either way up
  • Straight active 6-pin cylinder
  • With code card
  • with 5 coded keys

Operation and use

  • Main entrance doors, apartment doors


  • Finishes: Nickel plated (N), matt brass finish (MM)
  • Double, half and knob cylinders


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We have summarised for you which disposal information is important in your country.

Disposal & labelling of packaging
type of cylinder: Double cylinder
colour: nickel-plated
Security Level Home Security: 6
Design: Technical drawing
Technical drawing
Security card: No
reversable key: Yes
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