Hinge side lock FAS101 security hinge lock FAS101 white oblique front view


Safety in the absence of space: Security hinge lock for your windows in narrow assembly conditions. The fuse can withstand a pressure of one tonne.

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In tight assembly conditions, this security hinge lock increases window security.

Your windows should always be reliably protected against burglars. However, if the assembly conditions in your home offer little space, you need a fuse that is particularly narrow. This security hinge lock is particularly suitable for narrow assembly conditions. The open/close position of the fuse is clearly visible. When opening the window, the safety bolt must be unlocked, then pushed in again after the window has been tilted. The fuse can withstand a pressure of over one tonne.
  • Made in Germany
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Awards & Partners
Test seal Gesamtverband der deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft – Cologne, Germany
VdS anerkannt
Test seal Gesamtverband der deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft – Cologne, Germany

Awards & Partners


  • VdS approved, DIN tested
  • More than 1 ton pressure resistance
  • Needs only small space between window and wall
  • Easy operation via simple latching and unlatching
  • Open/closed position easily visible
  • Covered screws

Operation and use

  • Suitable for inward opening turn and tilt windows at the hinge side
  • Lock secured by pushing in the locking bolt
  • Product rotates as the window is opened
  • Unlock by tilting without keys
  • No key necessary
  • Suitable for all surface materials, such as wood, PVC and aluminium


  • Finishes: brown, white, silver


We have summarised for you which disposal information is important in your country.

Disposal & labelling of packaging
colour: white
door guard: No
Weight: 371 g
Design: Technical drawing
Technical drawing
alarm function: No
Window type: Single casement window, Double casement window, Balcony door / patio door, Basement window
Security Level Home Security: 10
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