Fire protection guide WHEN EVERY SECOND COUNTS

Protect yourself and your family and invest in your personal fire protection.

We go in search of common causes of fire, show you sources of danger and familiarise you with potential risks. Because if you know fire hazards and act correctly in an emergency, you can protect what you love - our ABUS smoke alarms, extinguisher helpers and carbon monoxide alarms support you in this.


Would you have thought it? The cooker is responsible for a large proportion of all kitchen fires: not because it is left on - but because it is used as a storage surface or is accidentally switched on. Objects should therefore never be placed on the hob. With such rules of conduct, you can counteract the risk of fire in your home. We have put together some useful everyday tips for you that make fire prevention in everyday life very easy.

  • Focus on quality: Look for test marks when buying electronic equipment. The most common test marks are: VDE, CE, GS, ENEC and EMC.


  • Better to look twice: Make sure you always switch off the hobs and oven. Unplug electrical appliances that you are not using.


  • Do not use as a storage surface: Do not place any flammable objects near the cooker or on the hob.


  • Avoid overloading & heat accumulation: Do not connect several multiple sockets together. Make sure that electrical appliances and sockets are sufficiently ventilated.


  • Act prudently: Never leave candles and open fires unattended. Keep matches and lighters away from children. Do not smoke in bed or when you are tired.


  • Regular check: Check electrical cables regularly - especially if you have rodents running around the household. Cables should be out of reach of pets.


  • Keep escape routes clear: Stairwells and corridors are potential escape routes for residents and rescue forces. Fire loads such as shoes, bulky waste or pictures should not obstruct these.


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When there is a fire at home, everything in us screams "panic". But thoughtful and calm action can save lives now. If you know the rules of conduct, you feel safer in case of fire and can react calmly. We have summarised for you what to do if there is a fire.

  • The first thing to do is to stay calm and avoid panic.
  • Leave the house as quickly as possible - and only then call the fire brigade.
  • In dense smoke, move on the ground, as the concentration of toxic smoke is lowest near the ground.
  • Another danger are the so-called backdrafts: The smoke ignites in a huge jet of flame.
  • Before leaving a room, therefore, check whether the door is hot and smoke is seeping through the cracks. If this is the case, avoid opening the door.
  • Leave the house by the shortest route. If you live in a multi-storey house, use the stairs!
  • Never go back into a burning house. You can get help from the professional forces of the fire brigade.

A cigarette stub can change everything.

Electrical appliances cause most fires - whether due to overvoltage from a lightning strike or outdated components. But even a smouldering cigarette butt can have devastating consequences. Open fires such as candles, grease fires or tea lights are also among the top causes of fires.

Since we can never completely exclude the risk of fire, we provide you with everyday helpers with our products that increase fire protection in your household - and thus ensure the good feeling of safety.

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