GRANIT™ Sledg 77 (left) & GRANIT™ Detecto XPlus™ 8077 (right)

Motorbike Protection for your motorbike

Whether you ride a 125, a scooter, a shopper or a sports bike – ABUS has a wide selection of clever security solutions for you.

Both mechanical devices and the increasingly popular devices that combine mechanical and electronic security. Motorbike thieves are thwarted by high-quality materials and a locking system that is "made in Germany" throughout.

Which is the right lock for your bike? A U-lock, a chain lock or an alarmed brake disc lock? Our lock guide shows you the best solution.

Security from ABUS – a biker's best friend.

New motorbike locks

GRANIT XPlus™ 540 U-Shackle Locks - Motorbike
GRANIT™ Detecto XPlus™ 8008 2.0 Brake Disc Locks - Motorbike
GRANIT Steel-O-Flex XPlus™ 1025 Steel-O-Flex™ - Motorbike
GRANIT™ Extreme Plus 59 Lock-Chain Combinations - Motorbike

Lock Brackets - Motorbike

It's no good having the best lock in the world if you don't use it. A truism, perhaps, but still an important point to consider in your day-to-day life. If carrying a lock is too awkward, many motorbike riders tend not to use it regularly. As specialists in locks, we see our role not only as supplying high-quality locks.

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SH 77 + GRANIT™ Sledg 77

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Wall / Floor Anchors

Attach securely? Of course! But where? Many locks make it possible to attach the vehicle to a fixed point, to provide better protection against theft. Unfortunately, there are not always strong objects available to which they can be attached. ABUS offers various anchoring solutions that provide a very strong fixing on the floor or wall of your property. These high-quality security solutions provide a point of attachment that is just as strong as the lock itself.

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U-Shackle Locks - Motorbike

The U-lock is a classic when it comes to securing motorbikes, and for good reason. Solid materials and no moving parts outside the lock mechanism are an excellent starting point for the strongest resistance possible.

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GRANIT XPlus™ 540

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