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Architect house Cologne Cologne Old Town

A former worker's accommodation from the 1960s was converted into a detached house. ABUS video surveillance protects the centrally located building.

challenge and solution

  • Detached house with garden, nestled in Cologne's historic old town, not far from Cologne Cathedral and within walking distance of the banks of the Rhine
  • 2014 Building permit received, architectural project ‘House 13a’ carried out from 2015 to 2016 
  • Topic of security is of central importance, as the inner city location also has its dark sides
  • ‘House 13a’ secured according to the highest standards of preventive security solutions
  • Secvest Touch wireless alarm system with various components reliably protects the house from break-ins all around 
  • The alarm system can easily be activated and disarmed as needed from the front door using an electronic CodeLoxx cylinder
  • ABUS network cameras secure the exterior of the home
  • ABUS products go perfectly with the simple elegance of the historic-looking new building
  • Camera lines run hidden in the joints of the brick façade
  • Camera body painted in discreet anthracite
  • The balancing act between the optimal installation location and the visual harmonisation with the surroundings was perfectly achieved by the security experts at HV-Braun in cooperation with ABUS

Architect house Cologne

In the middle of an urban setting, just a few hundred metres away from the Cologne cathedral, architect Martin Wendling has created a little jewel of relaxed isolation for himself and his family. The former workers’ accommodation unit from the 60’s has been upgraded to a stylish single-family home with a brick façade. The new residential property fits in beautifully with its historic surroundings. The architect also attaches great importance to the integration of security technology from ABUS. An alarm system, video surveillance cameras and an access control system were discretely installed with the aid of comprehensive experience, flair and an understanding of sophisticated design.

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All important products from one source This gives you cost advantages in purchasing, installation and service, simple expansion and combination options and, with our partner, an expert who understands your individual security concept.
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Excellent ABUS brand Our products enjoy a global reputation, are awarded prizes and receive the most important certificates, such as VdS and VSÖ. By installing tested quality products, a reduction in insurance premiums is therefore also possible - ask your contact person at your insurance company.
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Unrestricted data security ABUS products meet the highest standards in terms of data security so that only authorised persons have access to them.

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