ABUS Key Manager

ABUS Key Manager


The free ABUS Key Manager software makes setting up even complex key plans child's play. Despite the possibility of assigning individual permissions to each chip key, code, transponder or even combinations of these, the software is intuitive to use and makes ongoing management very efficient.

Product advantages

  • Clear organisation and assigning of locking permissions
  • Huge number of locking plans
  • Simple user-operation and clear interface
  • Establishment of special permissions such as permissions for ARMING/DISARMING and access, special codes for DISARMING with silent alarm and access, special codes for INTERNAL ARMING buttons, special key for security staff
  • Optional password for logging queries as per data protection regulations
  • Download at www.abus.com


General downloads:

Installation software:


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Additional functions: Management of time zones, display of access and arming events, summer/winter time changeover (18 months in advance), password protection for each locking plan, additional password protection for the log function, various print views
Item abbreviation: SKM-DE
Net weight: 0 kg
System requirements: min. Win XP SP2, min. Java RE V. 1.6
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