Secvest Hybrid module Set Motion detector

Secvest Hybrid module Set Motion detector


For efficient expansion of the Secvest wireless alarm system with wired alarm detectors via the Secvest hybrid module.

Secvest plus hybrid module: more range and applications
Once the hybrid module is learnt in, the Secvest can be extended by 10 wired zones and four relay outputs. A maximum of two modules can be integrated per control panel. This means that detectors (20xFSL or 10xCC) and components for extensions or new buildings can be integrated, larger distances can be reached and new object sizes can be realized. On the other side, wired alarm detectors can be integrated into the Secvest via the hybrid module.

Networking and home automation
The hybrid module allows the integration of the ABUS wAppLoxx independently from the installation location of the control panel. In addition, ABUS IP cameras can be integrated via the WLX Control or the Secvest control panel. The four additional relay outputs also enable numerous applications from the field of home control. For example, the operation of the garage door, house lighting or shutter control.

For safe and proper operation, this device must be installed and regularly maintained by a professional trained by us. Arrange regular maintenance appointments with your installer to ensure trouble-free operation in the long term with the latest security updates and new functions.

Individual component

Secvest Hybrid Module
Panel | Secvest | ABUS
Secvest Hybrid Module
  • Secvest wireless alarm system with additional wired alarm components
  • Maximum of two hybrid modules per Secvest control panel integrated via wireless connection
  • A total of 20 wired detectors and 8 relay outputs can be added for full version
  • Monitoring of additional building sections and implementation in new buildings
  • Option of integrating the wAppLoxx access control system
  • Option of controlling lighting, rolling shutters or garage door
  • EN Grade 2-compatible in combination with the Secvest wireless alarm system and an external PSU
Duplex Motion Detector
Duplex Motion Detector
International Switching-Mode Power Supply 13,8 V/1,75 A (Cord)
International Switching-Mode Power Supply 13,8 V/1,75 A (Cord)

Product advantages


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Disposal & labelling of packaging
Dimensions: 310x220x160 mm
Gross weight: 1,323 kg
Height: 160 mm
Length: 310 mm
Net weight: 1,12 kg
Width: 220 mm
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