"Full Reflective" safety vest JC6900 MAX "Full Reflective" safety vest JC6900 MAX

JC6900 MAX

With our fully reflective safety vest MAX, children are very visible to other road users at dusk or in the dark.

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With our fully reflective safety vest MAX, kids are protected when out and about in the evening and later on in road traffic.

Especially at night and at dusk or in poor visibility conditions due to fog or rules, we recommend putting on our MAX safety vest over your jacket. It is fully reflective. As soon as it is illuminated by spotlights, it glows strikingly and completely in silver with blue stripes. With the high-quality zip, the vest can be fully tightened at the front and is very comfortable. This way, your son or daughter is always clearly visible to other road users. MAX is tested according to the European standard EN 17353:2020. Tip: Attach one of our LINUS or NILS LED flashing lights to the strap on the back so that your child is well protected by an additional light element when out and about.


  • Fully reflective safety vest: Almost the entire surface of the safety vest is brightly illuminated by headlights.
  • Visibility: 150 m
  • Tested according to European Standard EN 17353:2020 (B3)
  • Branded zip ensures a good fit on the body

Operation and use

  • Very inconspicuous during the day, very good 360-degree visibility at twilight and at night due to very large reflective area
  • Very good fit thanks to smooth-running branded zip


  • An LED rear light can be easily and securely attached to the ABUS bracket, for example JC6540 LINUS or JC6520 NILS


  • Size: S (111 to 122 cm), M (123 to 134 cm)


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Disposal & labelling of packaging
colour: grey
Weight: 129 g
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