Universal reflector sticker JC6416 LARA

Universal reflector sticker JC6416 LARA

Be seen in the dark and at dusk: with our universal reflector stickers LARA.

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Our universal reflector stickers LARA bring light into the darkness!

Especially in autumn and winter, it is usually unavoidable: You often go for a walk with the pram at dusk or in the dark, or your offspring rides a tricycle in the house driveway. Make sure you are visible to others!
Our universal reflector stickers LARA are seen at a distance of 150 metres and can be applied to prams, bicycles, clothing and more.
Application example - JC6416 LARA Application example - JC6416 LARA


  • 24 millimetres x 4 metres, 16 pieces
  • Adhesive installation
  • Visibility: approx. 150 metres
  • Sticks to various materials

Operation and use

  • Increased visibility in the dark, twilight and poor visibility conditions
  • For buggies, bicycles etc.


We have summarised for you which disposal information is important in your country.

Disposal & labelling of packaging
colour: grey
Weight: 8 g
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